Song:Jabilli Vennellu Chavi Chudaledu
Movie:Angadi Bomma
Singer(s):S Janaki

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Senorposted on 2012-10-22 13:42:46 Edit Delete

Have you ever had a pleasant memory from the past locked - for one reason or another - somewhere deep within? Two homes away from mine lived a public school teacher. She had this guava tree that bore the most delicious fruit. One rainy day my friends and I did what everyone my age did - steal fruit - and on this one occasion, I tried to come down the tree rather lost my footing and slid down the trunk skinning the insides of my knees. As we sat in my friend's backyard, hiding from his nosy grandmother, we listened to this song as we ate the stolen fruit. I forgot all about that until now - this song unlocked that memory. Thank you Sir!

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