Ilaya Raja Concert - Musicians' Profiles (ChimataMusic Band)

Satya Vaidyanathan (Percussions - Tabla):
Satya makes a fine Tabla player with no formal training under his belt. His profound interest in music spans across genres from pure classical to traditional folk music. Along with being a percussionist, he also sings ghazals in its traditional form. Satya's other interests include long distance running and volunteering for Team Asha with whom he has been training and running marathons for the last four years. He played the Tabla for ChimataMusic's earlier two shows (on the music directors Sathyam and KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Balaji Mahadevan (Percussions - Tabla/Dholak/Mridangam/Thavil):
Balaji Mahadevan has been playing Mridhangam and Tabla since the age of 12. He has accompanied many leading artists in Chennai and in the US and has also played for many cassette/CD recordings and TV shows and he has been accompanying for various dance arangetrams and dance ballets in the Bay Area. He is a graded artist from All India Radio, Chennai. He is also skilled in playing Tabla, Dhol, Thavil, Khol and Drums and is admired as one of the most versatile and talented percussionists in the Bay Area. He played the Tabla/Dholak/Mridangam/Thavil for ChimataMusic's earlier two shows (on the music directors Sathyam and KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Arun Narasimhan (Percussions - Drums/Pads):
Arun Narasimhan a.k.a Caddy is a completely self taught drummer, with a solid sense of rhythm. His attention to detail in his performances is legendary. He is one of the Bay Area's top drummers in the Indian music scene. Arun started drumming in his undergrad days at BITS, Pilani in India, and learnt his skills playing a mix of indian and classic rock numbers. Even today, he loves drumming for rock music whenever he gets the chance. He was the drummer of the Seattle based rock band named East India Company . These days, he performs with his band VDaze, performing a variety of music from the Indian movie industry. He has performed for the top bands in the Bay Area like Thillana, Pallavi, Raagalaya, and is also part of the Kansas Raja music troupe, performing shows across America. He played the Drums/Pads for ChimataMusic's earlier show (on the music director, KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Rajagopal Iyer (Percussions - Congos/Drums):
Raj is a trained Tabla player and plays the percussion instruments such as Tabla, Dhol, Dholak and Congos. He has a strong sense of rhythm and uses his skills to play a variety of instruments and sounds on his Handsonic. He has performed with various bands in the Bay Area. This is going to be the first show for Raj with the ChimataMusic.

Krishnamurthy Kalvai (Keyboard):
Kishmu is one of the most admired keyboardists in the Bay Area. He took an interest to playing keyboards while in college, playing cover versions of Rock. On arriving in the Bay area for work, he got to know members of bands through friends and since then he has been actively performing for Thillana, Pallavi, Ragalaya, Kansas Raja group and many more. While workng for bands, he transcribes notes and chords to songs and helps musicians stay coordinated. His talent, knowledge and team spirit have earned him a special place among bands both within and outside Bay Area. Kishmu is passionate about Piano and hopes to play like a 10 year old kid someday. His other interests include collecting keyboards and synths, gardening, eating and sleeping. He played the Keyboard for ChimataMusic's earlier two shows (on the music directors Sathyam and KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Nagaraj Varadharajan (Keyboard):
Nagaraj is one of the most talented keyboard players in the Bay Area. During his college days, he started with a band from REC-Trichy. He has played for a variety of bands that play Tamil, Telugu and Hindi popular music all across the USA. He performed for many BATA's Telugu musical shows in the past (the recentmost one being the Sankara Eye Foundation Fund raising Light Music show held in Jan 2009). He played the Keyboard for ChimataMusic's earlier show (on the music director, KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Ashwin Krishnakumar (Flute):
Indian music is incomplete without a flute in the orchestration. Trained in Carnatic classical flute by Sri A.V Prakash in Mysore and by Late Sri. B.N Suresh in Bangalore and recognized with a scholarship from the Central Govt. of India (CCRT) to pursue advanced training in flute, Ashwin has proven that he has talent and preparation for the big stage. His solo performances in India and the US are just a small demonstration of his accomplished musical career. He played the Flute for ChimataMusic's earlier two shows (on the music directors Sathyam and KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Farhan Mohamed (Bass Guitar):
Farhan Mohamed enjoys playing bass, fingerpicking style guitars and keyboards. He holds degrees in audio engineering, music production and computer music and currently works as a music engineer at the Bay Area synth company Muse Research. His past experience includes working as a live sound for Blue Lizard Records and as a recording engineer at Camelot Studios in Vancouver, Canada. He also worked as a Music Supervisor for Webzen, South Korea teaming up with composer Howard Shore to work on their game score "Soul of the Ultimate Nation". Lately his musical duties include performing with his band, VDaze and writing/performing bass parts for indian film music projects. He recently came up with a surf album called "Off the Radar" (Feb'10) for the San Francisco based instrumental surf outfit "The Aquamarines" He played the Bass Guitar for ChimataMusic's earlier show (on the music director, KV Mahadevan) in 2009.

Renison (Lead/Rhythm Guitar):
Renison has not learnt from any Guru, but learnt the basics from his elder brother. He used to play keyboards, but learnt the guitar as a need of the family band and he is still learning from many of his co-players. In the Aay Area, he played a few band such as Thillana and Andaaz, and many other singers too. This is going to be the first show for Renison with the ChimataMusic.

Ramesh Maraj (Saxophone):
Ramesh Maraj is a virtuoso saxophonist who has performed nationally and internationally and has released two CD's of instrumental music. He has performed for Hollywood Movie Director M. Night Shyamalan, (the director of the Sixth Sense). He was the opening act in Hyderabad, India for the release ofBollyw ood Movie Director Ram Gopal Varma's movie Sholay remake "AAG", where he graced the staged with superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Ramesh was the featured artist for the Indian Press Corps at the United Nations. He was invited to showcase his talent in Beverly Hills, CA for CNN's Anderson Cooper and Larry King's benefit. Recently (on April 10th, 2010), he was also featured at the Asha Bosley's concert at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. Ramesh can play classic Bollywood, popular hits and a great blend of western music as well. Ramesh has a Bachelors in Music and a Masters of Science in Education and is a Director of Music in California. Visit for more information.

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